Klipper Screen on mega widescreen 1920x480?

I’d like to potentially integrate the below thin but wide screen in to my 3D printer:

I’m aware that this wont work out of the box and will require custom code to do so, are there any devs for Klipper screen on here aware of how much of a difficult task this would be.

I’m able to code but currently I don’t know enough about how klipper screen works and although I could spend a significant amount of time digging through the code to work this out, I thought it would be best to check here first if it’s just going to be insanely hard to achieve this.

What I’m thinking is essentially you would have 3 panels visible at the same time rather than the usual 1, 2 could potentially be static (i.e. macros & controls), with one panel operating as normal, but open to ideas!