not returning EBB36's UUID. Setup: Pi 4, Octopus v1.1, EBB36 v1.2

Hello @rokapet, appreciate knowing am not alone. Have also started from scratch a few times, tried both dfu-util and STM32CubeProgrammer to upload CanBoot firmware to the EBB36. Even tried uploading Klipper without CanBoot to EBB36 at 0x0800 0000.

Appreciate hearing from forum members that Pi 4 => Octopus v1.1 => EBB36 v1.2 combo is possible. Given that, am assuming this is a config/wiring issue on my part, and/or defective component(s). Given my assumptions, I didn’t even bother digging into repo history for recent changes in CanBoot or Klipper…

CanBoot configuration tried using for Octopus v.1.1 (no baud rate option, expected?)

Dug deeper into schematic and found that pins on the CANBus transceiver are large enough to be probed, can see CANBus high/low signals processed by the transceiver and be mapped to the RXD pin connected to EBB’s STM32’s CAN_RX PB0.

No data sent by EBB36 (CAN_TX, PB1). But signal is being received from Octopus to EBB’s CAN_RX, PB0. Without debugging, no idea whether EBB code treats that signal as valid packet data.

So, am seeing:

  • EBB36’s STM32 (CAN_TX, PB1) never attempts to send anything to CANBus transceiver’s TXD, voltage holds at ~3.95V. I suspect (CAN_RX, PB0) is receiving a signal, but am unclear on how to monitor whether EBB36 code is interpreting that signal as valid packet data, and/or what process it’s doing.
  • Resetting Octopus results in no traffic on Can High/Low, or EBB’s RXD/TXD. Until CANBus query script is executed.
  • After CANBus query script is executed Octopus seems to relentlessly send packets. Unfortunately, I don’t have a packet analyzer that can independently verify content, frequency or quality of my wiring from Octopus. No idea if Octopus being chatty is intentional/expected behavior.

Looking for a ST-Link and/or way to monitor debug output from the EBB36, and/or flash firmware with echo/ping functionality to help narrow down whether cause is config and/or hardware and/or software. Looks like PA13/PA14 are usually used for SWD debugging, but these are not easily exposed on EBB36. Hoping someone will point me in the right direction to help me dig deeper as to what EBB36 is up to. Cheers!