Cfg issues with sensorless homing

Can someone check out my cfg and log file, Trying to set up sensorless homing and have searched the forums for the last 3 days.

sensorless homing on x and y . Pinda probe on z

x reports “Endstop x still triggered after retract”

issue G28 command for z and also get Endstop x still triggered after retract.
z motors dont move
klippy(10).log (1.1 MB)
printer-cfg .txt (12.3 KB)

Could you:

  1. Add your klippy.log to the post.
  2. Repost your printer.cfg using the “</>” option so the formatting isn’t lost?

That will make it a lot easier to help you.

Please keep in mind what the Configs subform is made for:


You need to set homing_retract_dist to 0 for the X axis. This is a requirement for sensorless homing and it appears you did this for Y, but missed X.

I reworked the cfg to include the missing retract dist on the x stepper and disabled stealthchop. x and y move but still report endstop not triggered .