Newbee Klipper - SKR3 Board on Ender 6 - homing failure

klippy.log (325.5 KB)
HI there I`m new to klipper and I have a Problem with the homing (sensorless homing) of X and Y. Z is working fine but with endstop switch (I wanted to have Z monitored by switch)
X and Y are just shortly triggered - you can hear it buzz but not realy see a movement and there is no error message coming. I have my klipper.log file attached.
The endswitches of X and Y are not connected, the jumper for X and Y is set to sensorless homing at the TMC2209 board
Endstop info´s I found for the BTT SKR3 Board

X-STOP PC1| 16 share with X-DIAG|
Y-STOP PC3| 18 Share with Y-DIAG|

I hope someone can help me.

Hi man i have Skr3 and Ender 6, and i have a question? do you have solve your problem?
your home is like original bottom right? or is front right? because my printer move X right and Y in vrong direction… can you help me?

My printer is still not running but did you inverted the direction in the printer.Cfg by using the ! infront of the direction adress?