Changing Z-Tilt Probe Points During Runtime

Just started using Adaptive Bed Meshing which is awesome and I thought it would be cool and useful if Z-Tilt could also change its probe points during run time so that the probe points became the furthest left and right X-Coordinate of the bed area being printed on. I asked the KAMP developer about this but they said Klipper does not let you change the Z-Tilt parameters mid print. So this might be a useful addition.

According to my understanding, this will make the function rather worse than better:

  • The tilt is not depending on your print area
  • The tilt depends on the pivot points or support points where the bed is connected to its z-axes
  • The bigger the distance between these points, the more accurately Klipper can determine the tilt

The pivot point would stay the same. It would just be the probe points so it would be parallel with only the print area not the entire bed. Given, it shouldn’t make much of a difference if your bed is well leveled but I believe it would remove any slight variation the bed has outside the print area.