Complete implementation of M204

It could be really nice to complete the Implementation of m204 regarding the parameters R and T and respect it in gcode moves.

T should always be applied at travel moves.

R should always be applied at moves with extrusion.

This can increment the printing quality and optimize the print duration.

Higher accelerations for travel moves will often reduce stringing, and it will reduce the printing duration.

Lower accelerations on extrusion moves will typically increase the printing quality.

Currently, there is a limitation that only both kind of acceleration can be changed together what is very bad for optimizations. It could be really pleasant to have this changed.

If this is not possible I could be nice to know why. With this knowledge is would be possible for me to create a macro that touches the acceleration using SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT ACCEL=x at runtime before a move starts. But I’m unsure if it is wise to change the acceleration periodically while printing and if this will be synced and respected correctly.
But as slicers do the same magic to set the acceleration a macro could be ok.

Thanks for reading

Orca Slicer already does this

Do you know if Klipper can handle this properly or if there are problems or limitations with the acceleration changes?

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