Config help: Error loading kinematics 'cartesian'

I recently decided to move my Ender 3 with an skr 1.4 board over to klipper as I had heard positive things about it. I was able to get my config file to compile using the default board configuration for the skr 1.4 board. I was able to home both my x and y axes.

However, my Ender 3 no longer has the default z-endstop as I removed it when I added in my bltouch and when I declare my bltouch in the printer.cfg file, it threw an error stating that I needed to remove the line endstop_pin: __ from my stepper_z section as it is no longer supported (per 20201213 on the configuration changes page). So, I read a bit more about what else I needed to change on the configuration page, removed the endstop_pin from my stepper_z and tried to compile again.

Now however, I am getting an error that simply states, Error loading kinematics ‘cartesian,’ with the internal error being thrown, “AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘strip’”.

I am unsure what I am missing in my config file and any help would be appreciated. I have gone through and made sure I do not have excess spaces and I do not believe I have excess end-lines, but I am not positive. I only edited the file in notepad++ so I do not think windows has changed the formatting on me.

Log file for reference: klippy.log (10.0 KB)

Config file for reference: printer.cfg (4.2 KB)

Thanks for the help in advance!

I think you misread the config change you noted. It’s not valid to have position_endstop in your stepper_z section if you’re using a BLTouch to home. You do still need an endstop_pin.

endstop_pin: probe:z_virtual_endstop

Thanks, that worked.
For anyone else who has this issue, it was the position_endstop that was causing the issue for me. I removed both that and the endstop_pin for the z axis stepper when I added the bltouch.