End mill support for klipper

Hi. I have a tool changer with a DC motor from a dremel I had as a tool. I power it through a mosfet and a PWM pin.

How do I configure this? i want it to work with fusion 360 subtractive gcode and all that like the E3D tool changer. is there any special configuration available? because fusion 360 has RPM settings and all that.

if I switch to a brushless DC motor like E3D if this doesn’t work great, how would I control it’s RPM?

It’s possible to control a PWM pin using an output_pin config section.

However, as I understand it, typical CNC gcode files user gcodes that Klipper doesn’t currently support. It might be possible to add support for some of these commands via gcode_macros. There’s been discussions in the past on adding more CNC support to Klipper, but no one has completed that work to my knowledge.


Aww that’s such a bummer.
I’ll experiment with gcode. Maybe I can also convert the RPM into something else.
Is there any built-in support for brushless motors? macroing those in klipper would be hard. since AFAIK brushless motors need initialization (with the typical hobby ESC) and all that.
I could make my own driver that uses simpler PWM Duty cycles but that’d take a lot of time and soldering and reading…

I have some macros here that adds to klipper cnc gcode support for quite a bit of stuff, it might get you started - GitHub - vladbabii/klippy-cnc: KCNC - Klipper CNC Macro Package
It has been tested to work with fusion 360 with these small changes to post processor: klippy-cnc/fusion360.md at master · vladbabii/klippy-cnc · GitHub

There are many machine specific g code commands. But I run my MPCNC from fusion 360. Using marlin guide. I am pretty sure the same code could run on an end mill. You just have to turn on the tool head yourself.

Actually I came here with a question. Since I have an end mill myself. That I stored away because it has about 0.3 mm backslash. And I was thinking in running it in closed loop mode. But since there will be a delay on every direction change. I am not sure if how to go about it. I was thinking I’d use a linear magnetic positioning microchip. But that may be the easy part. Any ideas?

is it on a tool changer if I may ask? I think it’s better to start a new thread

What do you want to name it? No, unfortunately I don’t have a tool changer. It looks like this: https://www.grizzly.com/products/grizzly-4-x-16-mini-milling-machine/g8689?gclid=Cj0KCQjwxJqHBhC4ARIsAChq4asaGTmy9pH197v9dogKfKGY3Wt6LADL9A4_4Hpuevv9UzoGa5PxuuQaAm02EALw_wcB