Ender 3 Max & CR6 SE

Hi All,

I’ve been working on Klippering my Creality Ender 3 Max & CR6 SE machines & now fully working with Mainsail on a Pi4 & Zero 2 W (I’m now a full converted fan of Klipper!). I was just wondering if anyone had any idea on the reliable speeds I could theoretically reach? I’m not looking for a 5 min benchy but quicker prints would be nice.

Ender 3 Max
BigTree Tech SKR Mini E3 V3 mainboard.
BigTree Tech H2 original extruder & plated copper nozzle.
5010 blower part fan.
BLTouch v3.1.

BigTree Tech SKR CR6 mainboard.
Prima Creator all metal hotend conversion.


The limiting factor for your printer speed typically is not the firmware. It is true that Klipper can achieve higher step rates than other firmware and also with a greater microstep resolution: Unfortunately being able to shift faster does not turn a Fiat into a Ferrari (also not adding a racing exhaust)

Your printing speed and quality is mainly determined by:

  • Stiffness of your frame
  • Squareness and general mechanical layout of your frame and all the kinematic / moving parts
  • Precision of your linear systems
  • Max torque of your steppers
  • Maximum flow-rate your extrusion system can reliably sustain, i.e. extruder, nozzle diameter etc.
  • Typically acceleration has a bigger impact than velocity

So the values given in the config files for these printer are sane defaults. Everything else is up for experiments.

Thanks Sineos,

Interesting, I’ll carry on playing with the machines & I appreciate the analogy .

I have a feeling now I’ve been introduced to klipper I may find myself building my own Voron or similar build at a future date.

Kind Regards