Endstop Phase questions

Soo… can someone explain to me how endstop phase correction works? I calibrated my endstop phases yesterday and I was investigating the accuracy of homing at different speeds using the endstop phase calibrate command and it’s saying the endstops are triggering at way different positions now.

If the printer looses steps for any reason, do I need to recalibrate? If the printer moves while it’s off do I need to recalibrate?

I’m trying to calibrate the separation of an IDEX printer so I’m trying to get these as accurate as possible.

recalibration should only be needed when the relation between your motor and the endstop is changed / influenced.

  • did the belt teeth hop over the motor gear → recalibration indeed
  • did you lose steps because not enough current was produced for its load or you moved it while it was off → relation with end position is still the same, so no need to recalibrate
  • did some mechanical load change that influences triggering the endstop → recalibration needed

In general I started using the endstop calibration recently and I seem to get quite consistent results when printing first layers (delta printer).