[Enhancement] Missed dual_carriage status reference on cartesian printer

Good morning,

I have build a basic Cartesian IDEX printer and all the coding works fine with the double carriage handling.

But for some reason I tried to get response from printer.dual_carriage.active_carriage and got the following error:

Error evaluating “gcode_macro CONFIGS_IDEX:gcode”: UndefinedError: “instance object” does not have attribute “dual_carriage”

After checking the project documentation I read:

The following information is available in [dual_carriage] on a hybrid_corexy or hybrid_corexz robot

Then I understood why I’m getting the error and managed a solution in a different way.

But honestly, I’m not sure I understand this limitation (I’m sure there’s a good reason hehehe).

I’ll suggest adding cartesian to the list (I’m not good at coding Python or C to do this on my own, sorry)

Looking quickly at the code, I realized that the best option is probably to create a new printer type, like so:


And from here manage all the options.

But honestly, I’m not good at python to do that.