Error after restoring Sonic Pad

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 3 S1 Pro
MCU / Printerboard: CR-FDM-V2.5.S1
Host / SBC

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Describe your issue:

Hi, I’ve had to restore my SonicPad because it was unresponsive when I was trying to select something on the touchscreen. I’ve followed the process to restore it and it was all good. After the complete restoration, it has rebooted and it showed Select Langage but I was not able to select anything again (unresponsive). And now it displays me this (see the image) on the screen and I can’t do anything.

Can someone help me please ?


Hello @AlexAkaDoope !

For the Sonic Pad is Cre@lity cr@p, we are out of this.

They bent Klipper that much that we are not able to give any help.

Please get in contact with Cre@lity

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The Sonic Pad runs a Creality OS (an altered version of Linux) and also Creality Klipper (an altered version of Klipper). Since these are not official versions, so no help with these altered versions can be found here.

Use the Creality Cloud app to communicate with Creality support.

If the Pad is anything like the K series, then you need to make sure to restore factory settings before restoring the firmware.