Feature Request: Automatic Home before Bed Mesh

Please add Auto Homing when we select to run the Bed Mesh. Its oddly funny that it doesnt already have this when its required. OctoPrint has always homed itself when you tell it to run bed mesh

Alot of folks are going with conditional homingā€¦ so if its already homed it doesnt need to rehomeā€¦
here is an example from ellis tuning guide.

    {% if "xyz" not in printer.toolhead.homed_axes %}
    {% endif %}

appreciate the help with the code. This is kinda a good example thoā€¦ should not need to read a ā€˜tuning guideā€™ some something simple that should be native in the source.

Klipper has many small ā€˜quality of lifeā€™ items (like this) missing. Klipper is amazing but IMO stuff like this would greatly help it get adopted by the masses. Octo excels ā€˜its just like using any other regular appā€™ (plugins instead of macros, auto home when needed, etc)ā€¦ where Klipper is a ton of googling for code (ā€œmacrosā€) and editing CFG, and such just to get many (many, many) of the basics working.

sorry if that sounds like complainingā€¦ it is a little but also from a guy who is technical, if its tedious for me, it is likely stopping many non-techies from using it.

Funnyā€¦ but true :wink:
however there is a bright side, folks have been putting together pre-packaged collectionsā€¦ so like if you have a corexy printerā€¦ check this one out, its well featured and like the voron configs, are multi layered filesā€¦

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