Feature Request for a mesh editor

With my original Anycubic firmware you could edit single or multiple points of the probed mesh and adjust them up or down to achieve perfect squish at each point. I find it necessary on the 400 x 400 bed of the Chiron as the probed mesh leaves high and low spots.Trying to do this by editing the “Do not edit” portion of the config file is cumbersome at best and dangerous if not careful. I have requested it from Fluidd and Mainsail but was told Reply - “This is not possible atm. There we need an API point to change points in Klipper itself.

You already asked a year ago:

Yup, Asking again as the response I got was that it should come from mainsail and why do I need it! Still need it (others do too) and mainsail says it has to come from klipper. How about a proactive response that addresses my request?