Request for mesh editor!

Can a graphical interface be added to adjust selected probed points from the mesh? In Marlin you could select one or many probed points and adjust them up or down without affecting the rest of the mesh. This was a very useful feature as not all of the points get probed perfectly. Trying to edit them individually in the printer.config file is error prone and difficult. It is the only feature lacking in Klipper for me!

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Can I ask why the probed mesh would be inaccurate? Is it because of your probe, or imperfections in the bed, or something else? Not saying your request is invalid, just wondering what causes the need to manually edit the mesh. If your bed has imperfections in it, klipper is able to avoid those areas

Also, given the architecture of klipper, I would expect that this function would be better placed in the front ends (Mainsail, Fluidd etc). I’m not at all familiar with the Marlin feature that you described, but I would expect that it would be a feature of Octoprint (front-end), rather than Marlin (back-end), but as I said, I’m not familiar with it so I’m just speculating.

My probe repeats at .001/.002 accuracy. Bed is 400x400. When a single layer circle is printed at every probe point most are perfect but a few may be high and a few may be low. Mainsail is the correct place for me to request this and I will do so. The feature is available through the lcd panel with the original firmware, so was not part of octo. Thanks for pointing me towards Mainsail.

Tried requesting this in Mainsail. Reply - “This is not possible atm. There we need an API point to change points in Klipper itself. Mainsail can only use Klipper or Moonraker functions.” So my request stands!


Still looking for some feedback if this can be implemented in Klipper? Marlin needs an API point to make this possible so this is the correct place to ask!

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I do have the exact same question. Coming from merlin (Prusa) there is at least some very rudimentary support for this there (i.e. changing front/back/left/right). While I do realize a correct bed measure would negate the need for this, I realize small inconsistencies in the measurements might occur and it would then be awesome to manually be able to edit the probed/mesh values. I.e. fine-tuning the first layer more granular.

So I think I managed to edit the mesh by editing the values in the printer.cfg. It appears the actual probed values are stored here and interpolated values are calculated on file/data load. Excellent implementation. So “simply” edit the values until you can print a consistent first layer and Bob’s your uncle. Now, Klipper being Klipper a few words of caution:
A: Done wrong this could highly likely ruin your print bed or any other part you have so VALIDATE as much as you can before running tests.
B: Copy your mesh data to somewhere before starting. I copied mine into a separate profile suffixed with auto. That made it easy for me to switch map and compare measured and edited values.
C: Don’t do too much at once. Do your changes. Save the file RESTART Klipper. Load the edited mesh in height map, compare with the unedited one.
D: Test print and possibly re-edit your mesh.
E: Make sure your edited mesh gets loaded for the print (gcode, macro or whatever you use)
Doing it this way I got an absolutely fabulous first layer over the whole 420x420 plate of my new Elegies Neptune 3 MAX.