Feature Request:tft screen touch support

I have a btt tft35 touch screen, due to the occasional power outage in my house, and network instability, which makes me need this screen to specifically display the specific state of 3d printing and real-time modification of printing parameters selection, I looked on the Internet to add the klipper program, but I saw notouchscreen configuration program, this configuration program for the klipper does not highlight the beautiful klipper. This configuration for the klipper does not highlight the beauty of the klipper, this way, and I saw on the Internet very many users have this need. Some people recommended that I use hdmi monitors or mipi monitors, but these monitors are connected to the host computer. My computer is not a Raspberry Pi, the performance is not so full. I earnestly hope that klipper can add tft touch screen.

My friend from Ukraine made a transition board for this MKS tft35 V1.0 screen
And launched KlipperScreen on it.

MKS TFT35 V1.0 на RaspberryPi • hardlock.org.ua • instruction in Russian