Raspberry 5" touchscreen and klipper configuration

Hi all,

I’ve been using Klipper for several weeks now and whilst I have still a lot to learn about it and a few noob errors to sort out on my config, I’m really loving the learning experience. :slight_smile:

I have a question you guys can most probably help me figure out, I’m currently running an BTT TFT35 E3 V3 screen and I have a 5" Pi Touchscreen, and I’m thinking about ditching the BTT screen and just use the PI Touchscreen directly plugged onto the Pi.

Question is how I go about getting this setup? Do I just need to install KlipperScreen and configure it or are other steps involved in order to get this to work?

Also, I’m currently powering my PI 3 directly from the SKR 1.4 screen in my printer, If someone has already done this, can you tell me if you can power the screen directly form the Pi or external power is required for the screen?



I have a 5" BTT Pi touchscreen, and all I did to get it working was install KlipperScreen using KIAUH. It didn’t require any other configuration for me. For reference I’m running a FluiddPi image.

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Hi Jakep_82,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me, I’ll give it a try this weekend then and report back to say if it does work or not.

Thanks again


I saw an Amazon review that said the BTT display interfered with the Pi’s internal WIFI. Have either of you encountered this?


Sorry, my Pi is connected via ethernet so I can’t say if there’s any issue with the screen when using wifi.

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mkeveney, i connected my 5" touchscreen (DFR0550) and the wifi is gone. If i disconnect the screen it’s working again. (klipper with mainsail)

Update: the screen is blocking the wifi signal. I put pi next to screen and connection with wifi is working.