Feature Request - Volumetric Flow Rate Limit

It would be fantastic if you could set the extrusion rate limit in Klipper so that Klipper would automatically reduce speeds if ensure they are below this limit

I implemented this and have an open pull request on that, but I don’t think it will be accepted.

But if you want this you can use my fork:

Maybe leave a hint why you need this in the commends of the Pull request, maybe your arguments will be accepted, and the PR accepted. I also think this is just super important…


  1. ssh pi@myklipperhost
  2. cd klipper
  3. git remote set-url origin https://github.com/masterxq/klipper.git

I will frequently merge klipper changes into that repo.
If you want to update:

  1. ssh pi@myklipperhost
  2. cd klipper
  3. git pull

I think I have done good basic testing, but it is really hard to prof everything is correct, so usage under own risk…

Sadly I could not finger out how to make mainsail use another repo for the klipper sources so it is possible to use the GUI for updates. If you know more please tell me :slight_smile:

Best regards and have fun