[FR] Equivalent command for multiple objects to the tuningtower cmd


Tl;dr Iterate over a number of objects and change, for example, the extrusion multiplier for each of them, similiar to the Tuningtower command, using the object number instead of layerheight.

I’ve been using the Superslicer calibration generator for a while for Flow rate adjustments and it’s a bit of a hassle to test a value, print it, set it to a different range reslice and reprint. It would be useful to to that directly in Klipper the same way as the tuningtower cmd. As Object cancellation was added the important base feature was build in i think. So it should be possible to iterate over the number of objects and change a value accordingly.
Greetings from a very happy klipper user

P.s I hope i didn’ broke any rule or so as a first time poster here.