FR: reintroduce [extruder0]

The change log states:
20191107: The primary extruder config section must be specified as “extruder” and may no longer be specified as “extruder0”. Gcode command templates that query the extruder status are now accessed via “{printer.extruder}”.

With regard to the development of macros for multi-tool devices, it would make things a lot easier, if [extruder] and [extruder0] could be used interchangeably. Since I do not know the inner workings of klipper, I cannot suggest a good path on how to approach this issue, but the options that come to my mind are:

  • create an alias extruder0 for extruder, independent of the name of the section
  • allow [extruder0] section to completely replace [extruder0]
  • allow naming the extruder [extruder extruder0]

Update / extend printer object model accordingly, such that printer.toolhead.extruder0 is valid and populated with properties

@sgali, I addressed this with a combination of Slicer settings and Klipper Macros.

You can reference a configuration document I wrote here: X-In/1-Out Non-Mixing Extruder Config

I have a second document specifically on SuperSlicer, which can be adapted for Prusa Slicer, on how to further automate tool changing: X-In/1-Out Non-Mixing Extruder - Automate SuperSlicer Filament Swaps

Thanks @jjarosz , I have coded around the inconsistent naming convention of a multi-extruder setup and it works. But that is exactly the point: if I could have used extruder0, the code would look much cleaner and easier to read. Hence my request to reintroduce [extruder0]

Who is maintaining the code? Any devs around this forum? It’s a shame that nobody answers to simple Feature Requests such as this one.

The devs are reading here as well. If any of them feels called to comment or implement this then they will do so.