[FR] stm32f446 OTG_HS USB interface usage

not sure if this is the correct spot to post a feature request, if not, please move.

I want the OTG_HS USB interface of the stm32f446 as communication interface added.

This would allow to have a single cable connection between an BTT Octopus and a RPI4 (USB-A port of BTT Octopus to USB-C port of PI) to power the PI and have data transmission between the boards.

For the PI4 the following config needs to be added to config.txt to enable USB-C host functionality:

I’ve checked the code and it shouldn’t be that hard to implement, mostly a switch between OTG_FS and OTG_HS defines should work. But I’m no expert at stm32s…
I don’t know what additionally has to be added to for example in menuconfig.
And I can’t find where USB_Base is defined in usbfs.c, so I’m a little bit clueless at the moment how to properly swap the USB port, else I would have tested it by my own.