Newbie- can't flash klipper on octopus for voron 2.4

Basic Information:

Voron 2.4
rasperry pi 2 with wifi dongle (mainsail installed)
BTT Octopus with stm32f407 - trying to install Klipper

Raspberry powered with separate +5V- downloaded mainsail without a problem- yeah!
Generated “firmware.bin” and uploaded to SD card.
Could not find " /dev/serial/by-id" - to verify flash after powering with with SD card- I do have a “serial0 and serial1” file but no serial directory.

Can anyone confirm STM32F407 config? (frequency, comm interface, etc…)

I also tried flashing using boot0 jumper- but no dofu device was listed (as indicated byVoron2.4 software instruction).

IS F407 the problem? I don’t see much mention of it here.

Thanks for any help-

Check if this is applicable: Debian Bullseye Bug causing Klipper to no longer find the printer board


thanks alot- that image worked! The config file specifically mentions the stm32f446- are all the GPIO the same? Can I still use that? I don’t see any other printer.cfg files.

The Octopus pins are the same for the different STM32s.

The Octopus Pro pins have some changes from the Octopus but the same pins for the STM32s for the Pro versions.

Although the particular config menu photo has been posted by @NAPCAL already it is always a good idea to check github for those boards and read through the manual:

Page 22 shows the same screen.

Sometimes some important pieces of information are missing but overall BTT is quite busy on github.

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