[FR] thermal runaway behavior

I’d like to request a change to the behavior of klipper in the event of thermal runaway. Currently klipper will simply shutdown. My proposal is to emulate the default behavior of RRF which is to disable the heater in error state and then execute the PAUSE macro.
RRF behavior cuts all power to the heater which eliminates the fire danger but then pauses the print so the operator can determine if the error can be fixed and the print resumed, or if the print should be cancelled.
I think, typically thermal runaway errors result from too much cooling fan or a loose connection. Both of these can be remedied by adjusing fan duty cycle, applying a silicon sock or re-seating connections. Then the print can be safely resumed and not become so much plastic and time in the bin.
Just this morning I lost about 180g of PET because I forgot to put the silicon sock back on after a nozzle change and the heater couldn’t keep up with the fan during a large bridging area.