Gcode_shell_command clear_plr

klippy (1).log (28.7 KB)

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Sovol sv07
MCU / Printerboard:

Describe your issue: I am receiving this error and I don’t know what to do to remedy it. Please help.

This printer uses a modified Klipper version and Sovol is violating Klipper’s license since they did not publish their changes.

It seems you have updated to the original version, which likely will not work out of the box.
The best approach is to revert to the original Sovol version and contact them if the error persists.

Thank you! How do I revert it back to the original?

You may find the printer.cfg following Stuck at SD Card Update due to MCU Type mismatch - #4 by hcet14

Good luck, hcet14

I think you have to delete the
gcode_shell_command.py and gcode_shell_command.pyc
from within klipper/klippy/extras/
and of course remove any of the created sections and commands respectively.

Would I ssh into the printer and run a command to do that?
Sorry this stuff is very new to me and I’m trying to learn it as I go.

Like I’m not even sure what gcode command shell does and why it started receiving this error all of the sudden

That seems to come from custom printer configs from the internet I think.
Gcode_command_shell is a script that allows you to execute scripts on your RasPi oder SBC from within Klipper:

If you do not know what you are doing it should be kept off of your printer!

@LifeOfBrian this stuff belongs to the S7 Klipper modifications and also to some levelling routines that this printer is using.

I would not advice

  • To delete anything of it
  • To deviate from the “official” Sovol S7 Klipper distribution

At least not without having a very solid understanding of what Sovol is doing and how to mange potential deviations.

So would the best approach be to restore it to how sovol had it configured? And if so how do I do that?

Either this or you are able to analyze what Sovol has been doing originally and are able to either replicate or work-around the missing modification in the original Klipper.

No idea as I do not own this printer. Their original firmware can be downloaded here: Firmware Download
It seems that there are instructions available as well.

This is exactly the “trap” you run into when having manufacturers that do not abide to the license and open source philosophy. Some thoughts on this here: Importance of Open Source in 3D Printing and the Consequences of OSS License Infringement

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Dang, good to know this. I’ll definitely have to consider this next time I purchase a 3D printer, thank you!

Ah sorry, did not know the printer was using that mods by default. :confused:

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So I followed the instructions and it seems to be working except the Klipper screen will pop up properly for a few seconds, then the extruder’s temp will display something like -97 degrees Celsius and will display the error on the screen. It will do this everytime I hit firmware restart.
klippy (3).log (444.0 KB)

Not sure what’s going on here.

Nevermind, I fixed it!

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