Gcode to open a lcd menu

I’m pretty sure this is a feature request, because asking around on the discord and glancing over the code with my rather rusty understanding of python I don’t think this is currently possible:

I’m looking for a way of opening a lcd menu from gcode (a gcode macro specifically). kinda like SET_DISPLAY_GROUP but for menus and (preferably) without actually changing the menu root reached by clicking the knob, and directly sending the user to a specific page.

this would be very useful for dialogue style things, like a gcode_macro for M600 could pause the print, maybe beep or something, and then send the user to a screen that looks like this:

Please change filament now!
> [unload]
  [continue print]

could also be used for stuff like a filament runout sensor etc, without having to then manually navigate various menus or open a web interface to do the task.

the closest current feature i can imagine would be to M117 Please double click the knob and then have the first entry in the menu root conditionally be a “situation-aware page” (by putting multiple right at the start of the menu that only get enabled by a certain variable set from the gcode macro) but that just feels really weird.

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Yeah, it would be great to have GOTO_MENU implemented.

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