Menu: Display gcode.respond_info on the LCD

I want to create an LCD menu entry to trigger SCREWS_TILT_CALCULATE. When this command is given in the console, the printer measures the Z height above the ben leveling screws and when it’s finished, it outputs a message on the console telling you exactly how much to turn each screw to tram the bed. I want to display this final message on the LCD so I can do the entire tramming procedure from the printer itself.

The screws_tilt_adjust module indicates that the console message is handled by the respond_info method in the gcode object.

The Status Reference documentation lists the objects and variables that macros (and therefore menus) can access, but the gcode object doesn’t appear to be one of them. I presume this is because screws_tilt_adjust doesn’t have a get_status() method like the “supported” objects do.

Am I correct that it is not currently possible for a macro or menu item to access and display the screw-adjustment parameters from the screws_tilt_adjust object?

I suspect a get_status() method would need to be added to in order to export that information.