Help needed for BTT SKR v1.4


I am new to klipper and not sure this is the right topic to ask this, if not sorry.

Printer Model: Sapphire plus
MCU / Printerboard: BTT SKR v1.4

I was trying to build klipper for my Sapphire plus, which motherboard got failed and i was trying to replace with BTT SKR V1.4.

i have installed klipper on Raspberrypi 4 , using KIAUH and all the necessary plugins

I have gone through below steps and build firmware, after i flash into SKR, it is not detecting


After that i tried old marlin 2.x which was built a year ago, flashed into same board and it is detecting as usb device

after i flash the firmware which i build above, this MCU id itself not showing anything, even it is not detecting in my windows pc

can anyone help me to compile firmware for my board.

thanks & Regards,

Your settings look good for the SKR 1.4. Follow the Linux dmesg procedure and attach the resulting dmesg.txt file