Its posible add a new stepper in my kinematic?

Hi, im triying to do a new kinematic but i dont know if its posible add a new stepper. This is my new kinematic “”:

class CorePolearKinematics:

    def __init__(self, toolhead, config):

        # Setup axis rails

        self.rails = [ stepper.PrinterRail(config.getsection('stepper_x')),


                       stepper.LookupMultiRail(config.getsection('stepper_z')), ]





        self.rails[0].setup_itersolve('polear_stepper_alloc', b'+')

        self.rails[1].setup_itersolve('polear_stepper_alloc', b'-')

        self.rails[2].setup_itersolve('cartesian_stepper_alloc', b'z')

        for s in self.get_steppers():





        # Setup boundary checks

        max_velocity, max_accel = toolhead.get_max_velocity()

        self.max_z_velocity = config.getfloat(

            'max_z_velocity', max_velocity, above=0., maxval=max_velocity)

        self.max_z_accel = config.getfloat(

            'max_z_accel', max_accel, above=0., maxval=max_accel)

        self.limits = [(1.0, -1.0)] * 3

        ranges = [r.get_range() for r in self.rails]

        self.axes_min = toolhead.Coord(*[r[0] for r in ranges], e=0.)

        self.axes_max = toolhead.Coord(*[r[1] for r in ranges], e=0.)

    def get_steppers(self):

        return [s for rail in self.rails for s in rail.get_steppers()]

    def calc_position(self, stepper_positions):

        pos = [stepper_positions[rail.get_name()] for rail in self.rails]

        return [0.5 * (pos[0] + pos[1]), 0.5 * (pos[0] - pos[1]), pos[2]]

    def set_position(self, newpos, homing_axes):

        for i, rail in enumerate(self.rails):


            if i in homing_axes:

                self.limits[i] = rail.get_range()

    def note_z_not_homed(self):

        # Helper for Safe Z Home

        self.limits[2] = (1.0, -1.0)

    def home(self, homing_state):

        # Each axis is homed independently and in order

        for axis in homing_state.get_axes():

            rail = self.rails[axis]

            # Determine movement

            position_min, position_max = rail.get_range()

            hi = rail.get_homing_info()

            homepos = [None, None, None, None]

            homepos[axis] = hi.position_endstop

            forcepos = list(homepos)

            if hi.positive_dir:

                forcepos[axis] -= 1.5 * (hi.position_endstop - position_min)


                forcepos[axis] += 1.5 * (position_max - hi.position_endstop)

            # Perform homing

            homing_state.home_rails([rail], forcepos, homepos)

    def _motor_off(self, print_time):

        self.limits = [(1.0, -1.0)] * 3

    def _check_endstops(self, move):

        end_pos = move.end_pos

        for i in (0, 1, 2):

            if (move.axes_d[i]

                and (end_pos[i] < self.limits[i][0]

                     or end_pos[i] > self.limits[i][1])):

                if self.limits[i][0] > self.limits[i][1]:

                    raise move.move_error("Must home axis first")

                raise move.move_error()

    def check_move(self, move):

        limits = self.limits

        xpos, ypos = move.end_pos[:2]

        if (xpos < limits[0][0] or xpos > limits[0][1]

            or ypos < limits[1][0] or ypos > limits[1][1]):


        if not move.axes_d[2]:

            # Normal XY move - use defaults


        # Move with Z - update velocity and accel for slower Z axis


        z_ratio = move.move_d / abs(move.axes_d[2])


            self.max_z_velocity * z_ratio, self.max_z_accel * z_ratio)

    def get_status(self, eventtime):

        axes = [a for a, (l, h) in zip("xyz", self.limits) if l <= h]

        return {

            'homed_axes': "".join(axes),

            'axis_minimum': self.axes_min,

            'axis_maximum': self.axes_max,


def load_kinematics(toolhead, config):

    return CorePolearKinematics(toolhead, config)

I want add a new stepper like “stepper_a” for example but i couldnt do it. I try a lot of things but with no success. I can add “stepper_z1” and more in the config but i dont need these, i need a new stepper.

Thanks in advance