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[Hello to all, Happy New Year and good health

sorry for the compression of the text I translate from French to English

I’m in the process of creating a new printing system and I could use some advice on which files to modify
I’m not a programmer but I bought a book on python to try to figure it out
I managed to integrate my new engines for the Z but I’m struggling for the future
the delta head should move from home to endoscope-a and into the X and Y
the tray must move in the Z

class DeltaKinematics:
def init(self, toolhead, config):
# Setup tower rails
stepper_configs = [config.getsection(‘stepper_’ + a) for a in ‘abcz’]
rail_a = stepper.LookupMultiRail(
stepper_configs[0], need_position_minmax = False)
a_endstop = rail_a.get_homing_info().position_endstop
rail_b = stepper.LookupMultiRail(
stepper_configs[1], need_position_minmax = False,
rail_c = stepper.LookupMultiRail(
stepper_configs[2], need_position_minmax = False,
rail_z = stepper.LookupMultiRail(
rail_z.setup_itersolve(‘cartesian_stepper_alloc’, b’z’)
self.rails = [rail_a, rail_b, rail_c, rail_z]

I’m not asking to do the work for me, just explaining the code to try to make the changes by myself thanks in advance for the replies