Step_pin' is not valid in section 'stepper_y1'

Hello friends,

the following issue was discussed here:

I have used a workaround in meantime but its not pratical anymore. I would like to have two y rails with two steppers (one stepper on each rail) with only one endstop on one rail. The bed ist big and it needs two motors.

Than someone send me this code

and ported it to like this

self.rails = [ stepper.PrinterRail(config.getsection('stepper_x')),
                   stepper.PrinterRail(config.getsection('stepper_z')) ]

But it do not work, it says “step_pin’ is not valid in section ‘stepper_y1’”

According to Wiring_Pinout_and_Size · makerbase-mks/MKS-Robin-Nano-V3.X Wiki · GitHub you should check your stepper pins.
uart_pin = PD4 is Z-stepper. Do you have mixed it up?

I changed the axis z to y It should not make a difference, I try following config

Board - Klipper.cofig
x x
y y
z z
e0 y1
e1 extruder


Board - Klipper.cofig
x x
y z
z y
e0 y1
e1 extruder

it wont work either. It wont reconize the the option stepper_y1 bcs its not implemented right. Thats what I would like to achive :smiley:
What I would like to know have I done the code porting from (in the link) to right. Bcs I am total rookie in programming.