Klipper cannot update MCU

Basic Information: MCU issue

Printer Model: Elegoo Neptune 4 max
MCU / Printerboard: unsure
Host / SBC

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Describe your issue:

Im having this weird issue where im trying to install the update but i got back this error message from Klipper saying
“Can not update MCU mcu config as is is shutdown. Once the underlying issue is corrected, use the. FIRMWARE_RESTART command the.config, and restart the host software…Error configuring printer.”

I tried looking online for answers but most of what im finding has to do with RPi stuff and im not running one as my printer is right next to my desk

Hello @AndyBrew !


right. im new to this. i dont know what either of those are

Then you should read the Klipper documentation.
We can’t help you without relevant information.

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