Klipper expander wont connect

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Voron 0.2
MCU / Printerboard: Fly gemini V3
klippy.log probably useles
klippy.log (6.4 MB)

Finished building my V0.2 and I want to install expander board as secondary MCU (12032 fan, nevermore…). But I cant get it workin. According to documentation, I should connect it to 24V, then with USB to mobo, put jumper on boot pin, press restart and check If I see board in DFU. Problem is, I cant even see board, nor normally, nor in DFU. I tried 3 USB cables, tried disconnecting V0 display (according to wiki, they share same chip, so just to make sure), tried all usb´s. Nothung, just cant make it to connect. Board is new, unused. Tried searching it by path instead of ID, same problem. Can somebody point me to the right direction? Thanks. As you can see on screenshot, only board and V0 display showing

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