Klipper on mainsailOS probe calibrate and z offset

When I use probe_calibrate and set my z_offset to -.200, then accept and save_config my z_offset saves 2.250 because that is where the probe senses the bed. The only way I can get it to work is by moving the probe to where it senses the bed at the same time the nozzle is a paper thickness away from the bed. Shouldn’t the probe be able to sense the bed at any point and adjust the nozzle based on what I say is my z_offset? I have followed the klipper documentation for virtual z end stop, bed mesh, and leveling to the tee.

The probe z offset is the distance between the nozzle and bed when the probe triggers.

There is a good chance your nozzle is 2.25mm away from the bed when the probe triggers.

It sounds like it is doing what it is supposed to. After probe calibrate, it will auto adjust your probe z offset (distance from nozzle to bed when probe triggers).

When the probe_calibrate is finished and I run a g28 command shouldn’t the probe get close to the bed where it’s going to print? Also, when I printed with it when I set it the first time and it was working better than it is now, the nozzle was way too high and the extruded material wouldn’t even touch the bed.