Klipperscreen does not update when print starts from octoprint


I’m not sure if this is a feature request or an issue with my setup.

What I would expect to happen when I start a print from the octoprint web ui is for my klipperscreen instance to retrieve data from there to show printing status, it does not currently do this. If I print a file directly from klipperscreen my octoprint Instance will see printing and show all the relevant details.

Is there a way to get klipperscreen to recognize there is a print running if I start it from octoprint?


I have since learned that there is no support for octoprint and klipperscreen I will close this…

I’m curious: how did you manage to get Octoprint updated when you start a print over KlipperScreen?

Not sure I did anything, I no longer use octoprint, but from what I remember it did this be default, the only other thing I can think of is I did have a plugin that would send 117 updates maybe that was what allowed this to happen? Best of luck!

Come to think of it I also had some 117 settings on within marlin as well. That may have sent updates to octoprint…

I tried nearly everything but I can’t get it to work.
Did you use Fluidd or Mainsail?

Sorry for the late response, took a break from my printers, I am using fluids, but the differences between the two are very minor. I believe it would come down to personal preference over how the UI looks, more than the features offered. Sorry to not be of more help!