KlipperScreen is either waiting for printer information or does not show the temp graph

Hi folks,

black week tricked me into buying a BTT Pi TFT50 so that I can use KlipperScreen on my CoreXY. :smiley:
I really like it but there are still two minor issues where maybe someone here can help me.

When I power on my printer the TFT showed the KlipperScreen main window with the text that it cannot read printer information. When I hit the retry button on the bottom right all is working fine.
During my research I found a tip to add the following line:

ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 10

into the klipperscreen.service

Initially this seemed to work but now I had to increase the time to 15 seconds…
But with this fix the temp graph is not being displayed by default:

If I enter any submenue and leave it the temp graph is present…

Does anybody have a tip for me?
Is the initial startup issue normal? And is the fix an elegant one?

Thanks in advance!

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Looks like with delaying the service for 20 seconds it is working fine now.

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I tried adding


in addition to After=moonraker.service but didn’t make any difference. The delay you suggested works.

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