KlipperScreen: Unable to get info from Moonraker

Basic Information:

Printer Model: TwoTrees Saphire Plus
MCU / Printerboard: MKS Robin Nano V3

Hi There!

I need help with Klipper because I am losing my mind… So I have a Sapphire Plus with a special DIY board that uses the Rpi GPIO to use stock TFT screen for KlipperScreen. Everything worked before, but I fried my board (MKS Robin nano v1.2) and rebuilt the whole printer… After Reinstalling klipper and klipperscreen and as soon as I install the FBTFT (copy the output of the primary framebuffer to the secondary one) with the newest Klipper install the screen shows KlipperScreen but says: Unable to get printer info from moonraker??? I have tried reinstalling, rolling back, etc, with different OS…

In Mainsail the whole time it says Klipper reports: STARTUP and it can’t connect to the MCU.
And let me be perfectly clear, before flipper screen the printer works, connects prints…
I cant eaven generate a Klipper log. The screen and scripts I have used are from here: https://hardlock.org.ua/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=565

Can some developer pls? help or look into this issue, I will be very grateful, Im, not a programmer but if you need a log or some code I am familiar with the CMD.
moonraker (4).log (7.5 MB)

Having the same issue with a Ender 3 V2 with a (GD32 4.2.2) board. I have the RPi 7 inch touchscreen. Mainsail says STARTUP for me and the message “Unable to get printer info from Moonraker” Did you ever find a solution?

No unfortunately no fix known…:disappointed_relieved:

Attach the moonraker.log and klippy.log showing the issue.