BTT Pad7 connection errors to printers

Hi all.

I am wondering if i’m too stupid or something on my whole setup went horribly wrong:

So i was running Klipper with two instances for two printers for a few months now.
Installation of both printers was quite challenging but at the end everything was working just fine.
I just had the bad feeling that when it comes the time for troubleshooting i am going to be lost, as my understanding of all the devices communicating somehow with each other is very low and beeing completely new to Linux doesn’t make it easier.
I was basically following YT videos step by step, that’s it.

I wasn’t touching the printers for about 3 weeks now, und was about to start a print this morning, saw that there’s a bunch of Updates for Moonraker, Klipperscreen, Mainsail etc. so i hit “update all” and there was these warnings as quite often before updates, that i need to check github for changed critical stuff for these respective updates.
Anyway, after the update was done from the UI on Mainsail my BTT Pad 7 was showing an error on start up:

The strange thing is that both of my printers are still accesible through mainsail on my Computer and can communicate with each other. Homing, Heating and even Printing is working, but the BTT Pad 7 which is running Klipper for both printer is not starting up properly.
I really hope somebody can help me out here or get me on the right path to fix that problem. i’m sitting on it since hours!

moonraker CR20 pro.log (269.1 KB)

The other .log files i’ll send in another comment, cause as a newbie i’ can’t upload more than two files.

Thanks for your time already in advance.

klippy CR20pro.log (1.3 MB)
klippy C-Bot.log (216.2 KB)

moonraker C-bot.log (200.5 KB)