KlipperScreen working, but the pi boots to desktop

I have klipper working through the fluidd and mainsail interfaces. I recently got a 7" touchscreen. Initially klipperscreen was working as would be expected. But lately it’s randomly booting to the pi desktop. No pattern that I can figure out anyway. If it loads the desktop I can get into klipperscreen by clicking graphics in the menu then klipperscreen and it fires right up and runs like it should. It seems like after I start it this way it will go straight onto KS most of the time I reset the rest of the night. But if it sits powered down for a long period, like while I’m at work, it will boot back into the desktop next time I start it up. It’s just erratic.

Is there a way to force to KS startup every time and ignore the pi desktop?

I have same problems too now and still can’t figure out how to solved it

Same problem here. I can not find any fixes.

So it’s been a few weeks since I made this post. Save for only a few times, it’s been going straight into klipperscreen like it should. The fact that it had been that erratic, then mostly stopped, I don’t know if there was an update that took care of it. Not really sure. Fingers crossed.