KP3S tmc uart 'stepper_z' register IFCNT

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Kingroon KP3S
MCU / Printerboard: Kingroon KP3 V1.3
klippy(10).log (195.9 KB)

Good evening,
Recently I was given a Creality Sonic Pad to play with so I decided to flash Debian on it to actually make it work and hooked it up to my new KP3S. I have successfully flashed the Sonic Pad and for the most part the KP3S. The things I have touched with wiring were
1: Swapping to 2010 24v hot end fan
2: Replacing hotend and upgrading to High Temp Thermistor
3: Added 3D Touch (bl clone)
*The Klippy log and wiring is set up for regular z endstop in attempts to try anything to get the printer to work.
The printer will turn on and connect to klipper, hotend and bed both heat, endstops trigger.
Whenever I try to home I get the error “Unable to read tmc uart ‘stepper_z’ register IFCNT”
I have tried different KP3S printer.cfg profiles and nothing seems to work. Anyone have any thoughts?

See TMC drivers - Klipper documentation

After some forum digging and help on facebook the problem for this turned out to be a hardware issue on the Kingroon board. I needed to solder two pads together and remover a resistor from each stepper. Hopefully this post can help anyone else who has the same issue Theres a quick demonstration in the linked video.

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