Magnetic IDEX Config and Macro Files

The Magnetic IDEX printer uses two control boards.

mcu (stm32g0b1xx) BIGTREETECH SKR mini E3 v3.0
Freq: 64 MHz

mcu ATMEGA_Z (atmega2560) Flashforge-Creator-Pro
Freq: 16 MHz

printer.cfg (5.8 KB)
macro.cfg (12.0 KB)

Google Sheets Part List

Mechanical design files are located here:

2D PDF Download link:
Exploded drawing with links to recommended components


Dima… LOVE this project. Have been following your youtube vids for awhile now, and just noticed you’d posted info and links here!

so… Q’s for you. If I’m reading everything correctly, you are saying you complied Klipper to run on the original board in the FF Creator Pro? and just added added BTT SKR mini to handle the extra extruder?
This leads to my bigger question… your thoughts on replacing the original board with something like a Duet3D board or BTT Octopus that could handle all the stepper drivers needed? ‘Could’ this be applied to other corexy or cartisian printers? (obviously with print head redesigns etc?)
thanks for a GREAT project and any details you can supply. I few this as a GREAT way to optimize my beloved (albeit aging) FF Pro. tia


Thank you!

Yes, you can use stock Flashforge Creator Pro control board with Klipper. All replicator “mightyboards” use Type K thermocouples, so when I redesigned Magnetic IDEX to use small pancake extruder motor and new Trianglelab CHC mini hotend, I shorted out thermocouple part of the migthyboard circuit. Everything works fine except I lost the thermocouple channel on T0.

I cut my losses and added a BIGTREETECH SKR mini E3 v3.0
SKR mini runs X, Y and both Extruders while ATMEGA does Z and heated bed.

Magnetic IDEX will work with any control board that runs Klipper firmware.

Regaring Corexy and I3 style gantries, everting is possible given enough time and effort. However, I don’t think it is worth it right now. Especially when replicator style gantry works so well.


thanks for the timely rely Dima. Cool…you are U.S bound (IL) I’m in MD myself
I asked about the corexy and cart, as another ‘large’ printer here is a v-core 500.
The VC has an IDEX variation, but as you suspect, involves more motors a larger frame design and etc.
That 500 sized bed takes forever to heat up. So I’d adopted a sub-platform that allows me to install and use smaller beds as desired. Normnaly the VC series printers do not have space to clear the bed of the second IDEX print head (and associated 'anti-ooze bar) For me this would not be an issue with nearly 100mm free space between bed edge and frame on each side.
So…as you can surmise,after I mod my FF Pro, I’m looking at all the configs to move your wonderful effort to a full sized corexy V-Core. Hey…that’s half the fun right? you don’t know the limits until you have exceeded them!


Would be a very nice way to do IDEX on a V-Core-3


… part way there…with my ‘size’ replaceable bed format :slight_smile: Plenty of space between bed and fame for IDEX, and tool changer play

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:slight_smile: Would be nice indeed. I think CoreXY can make Magnetic IDEX too bulky and not practical, however not impossible. IMHO CoreXY will be replaced by something awesome soon :slight_smile: Stay tuned…