Mainsail GUI - Miscellaneous Window - Change order of items?

My setup:
Orange Pi 3 LTS (Armbian Bullseye) + BTT SKR 3 EZ
Mainsail - Moonraker - Klipper (all latest versions)

The order of items in my Miscellaneous window in the Mainsail GUI is currently rather random. It seems like manually controlled fans are placed first, then buttons, and then the extruder fan which is temperature controlled:

I tried looking into the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab under ‘Interface Settings’ but it shows ‘no devices’ (btw, in itself that seemed a bit strange as I do have various devices connected and working).

I also looked into changing the fans’ and buttons’ names etc. but that didn’t affect the order in which the items are presented in the window.

Is there a way to manually change the order of items in the Miscellaneous window?

I’m not aware of any options to change the order of those items. The mainsail-crew have a discord server, i would suggest that you will get a more definitive answer over there: Mainsail

ok, thanks @jrobbom5