Mainsail remote connection on android phone?

Hi All,

Is it possible to connect to Mainsail remotely on an android phone?
I have Klipperscreen kind of working on a Waveshare 7" connected to the Raspberry Pi.
I can connect on my laptop with http://mainsail.local/
But I can’t appear to connect using my Android phone using chrome & going to the same page.

Is there a separate app or a setting I am missing?


Check your network settings. Is your phone connected to the same network as the rPi?

You shouldn’t have any issues connecting with a smartphone (Android or iPhone) with the same network.

Also remember when trying to access for the first time, specify the url as http://mainsail.local/ I’ve had problems with Google on forgetting the “http:” the first time connecting and it automagically puts in “https:” which means it’s looking for a security certificate.

Thanks for the reply I have checked that it is http & not not https alright but I just can’t get it to work on my phone, tablet or iPhone. Maybe there is a WiFi issue. I’ll have to dig deeper so.

So I finally worked it out after my laptop started having trouble connecting too.
for me mainsail.local is not working anymore on Laptop, phone or tablet.
I have a klipper screen installed & went into the connection settings on that & I found the IP address it is using. Strangly enough this is completely different to the IP address origionally setup with.
So instead of going to http://mainsail.local I not go to the IP address from klipperscreen & that is working across all devices.