Mainsail won't connect

For a while I have been using Mainsail for my Klipper setup on my Prusa MK3S+. Whenever I try to open it now, however, it just shows “Connecting…” Fluidd still works. When I look at the console, I see:

Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. The “klipper.os” is my local DNS name for my RPi’s IP. I’m using Pi-Hole on a different Pi.

pls doublecheck your moonraker.log and doublecheck to open it via ip address.

Here is my moonraker.log while Mainsail is trying to connect:
Here is my moonraker.log when Fluidd is successfully running: (the last few lines are the only related to Fluidd. The previous lines are about Mainsail failing)
When I open the websocket url in a browser, it gives me the standard “Upgrade to Websocket” message. So that is working.

Any ideas?

I am still having this issue. Using also fails to connect. Any ideas?

First thing I recognized in both logs

Klipper Version: v0.12.0-102-g9f41f53c-dirty

You may have a look here and fix that first.

Most important! Always post an actual klippy.log!

Good luck, hcet14

Try using the IP address of the Klipper SBC instead of klipper.os