Mainsail won't connect

For a while I have been using Mainsail for my Klipper setup on my Prusa MK3S+. Whenever I try to open it now, however, it just shows “Connecting…” Fluidd still works. When I look at the console, I see:

Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. The “klipper.os” is my local DNS name for my RPi’s IP. I’m using Pi-Hole on a different Pi.

pls doublecheck your moonraker.log and doublecheck to open it via ip address.

Here is my moonraker.log while Mainsail is trying to connect:
Here is my moonraker.log when Fluidd is successfully running: (the last few lines are the only related to Fluidd. The previous lines are about Mainsail failing)
When I open the websocket url in a browser, it gives me the standard “Upgrade to Websocket” message. So that is working.

Any ideas?

I am still having this issue. Using also fails to connect. Any ideas?

First thing I recognized in both logs

Klipper Version: v0.12.0-102-g9f41f53c-dirty

You may have a look here and fix that first.

Most important! Always post an actual klippy.log!

Good luck, hcet14

Try using the IP address of the Klipper SBC instead of klipper.os

Using the IP of the Klipper SBC still doesn’t work. Here’s the logs when this occurs:
My klipper install is dirty due to, and a custom However, this issue occurs without these files. On top of this, Mainsail works fine on my iPad, and Fluidd works fine on both my iPad and Mac.

This screenshot looks like it is constantly trying to upgrade the websocket protocol?

Any help would be appreciated.

After reinstalling Mainsail and my VPN, I was able to get Mainsail connecting! Thank you to everyone who helped me.

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