MCU entering shutdown state using 2909 drivers

Hi Folks,
Looking for a little help, I may have an issue or I may just be a slow learner. Either way:

In just swapped out a spider 1.1 with 5160 drivers, to a spider 2.2 with 2909 drivers (and of course using the UART now).

Everything seems fine, I can turn on fans, heat the extruders etc. but when I try to drive a stepper motor my MCU goes into shutdown, previously I could drive the steppers happily. The config for the 2209 is ased on the defaults provided for those drivers, nothing fancy at all trying to keep it simple.
I pulled all the steppers but stepper_x and still get the same issue when I try to force_move x.

I haven’t been able to find much about the error online that has been helpful:
TMC ‘stepper_x’ reports error: DRV_STATUS: 001600d0 s2vsa=1(LowSideShort_A!) ola=1(OpenLoad_A!) olb=1(OpenLoad_B!) cs_actual=22

Logs attached. Any help would e highly appreciated.

/ Chris

klippy_shutdown.log (96.4 KB)