TMC ‘ stepper _c’ report error: GSTAT: 00000002 drv_err=1 ( ErrorShutdown!)

FLsun V400

I just upgraded to klipper I bought v400 I keep getting this error. TMC ‘ stepper _c’ report error: GSTAT: 00000002 drv_err=1 ( ErrorShutdown!) if anyone has info on what I could do to fix this that would be super helpful. It always shuts down anything lower than 400mm/s. I didn’t realize advanced klipper was. It will be fun to learn.

I follow you with interest, I have the same problem and I don’t know how to solve it, have you found any solutions? thank you

This is an unrecoverable error reported by the TMC driver. Can be a dead stepper or a dead driver. More likely a dead driver (given your general setup / wiring is correct)

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thank you for the answer, for the nano v2 card, mounted in my V400, are the Tmc 2226 drivers particular? I saw those on the card and I didn’t find the vref setting, they are particular drivers, do you know where I can find them? thank you

Anything around TMC2209, TMC2226, TMC2260 will do the job. Just google for TMC2226 stepstick . They are practically sold in every mom-and-pop store.

With modern boards (also the Nano v2) you typically would tune the run_current in the Klipper config and not via Vref

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Thank You very much I order a new tmc2226 when it arrive I try it