MCU 'mcu' shutdown: Timer too close


I was using klipper for almost a year now, but after the last few updates (can’t remember which versions, because I was able to reliably update in the past), I get this ‘MCU ‘mcu’ shutdown: Timer too close’ error messages on random occurences.

I did not change anything on my physical system.

Here is my klippy.log file

klippy.log (4.9 MB)

Thank you for your help

As the error messages indicates. Your host system is overloaded. This is your load graph:

Thanks Sineos,

what can I do about it? I installed a fresh FluiddPi image a few days ago, and only added my printer.cfg and the kiauh-macros.cfg and started printing. Now just a few days later this happened.

I am using a single webcam, and nothing else.

Here is a screenshot of my “htop” which I just took while I’m printing:

The screenshot does not tell anything, no big CPU consumer in there. As you can see from your load graph, the CPU usage suddenly grows rapidly from being quite low.

You will have to find the offending process. Webcam is always a good candidate especially on lower end SBCs like Raspberry Pi Zero etc.

I ended up switching to MainsailOS. Been printing all day without the error ever happening again. So I guess something is up with the FluiddPi image, or their processes… whatever. It works for me this way.

Thank you for your help Sineos!

How do you view that? Especially his, just from his log??

See Debugging - Klipper documentation