Mcu not connecting on v4.2.2 board and rasp pi 4

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 3
MCU / Printerboard: 4.2.2 (if thats what i think it is)
klippy.log (434.0 KB)

I have tried everything that you guys suggested to do incluiding reflashing, reinstalling, updating, and putting in some code,
its my first try ever doing this and i have no idea how to get over this problem


This is a very bad start.
You need to identify the board and used MCU 100% correctly to determine the settings for make menuconfig. Guesswork is not sufficient and will lead us nowhere.
Visually inspect your board, take note of the silkscreen and the identification markings on the MCU.

After that refer to Issues flashing the printer board for some pointers of what to pay attention to when flashing a printer board.

i have been using the printer.cfg instructions to fill the menuconfig,
You are saying that i have to find the microcontroller info on the physical board?

Microcontroller information and silkscreen, i.e. board version etc., will provide you with the relevant information for make menuconfig. I highly recommend verifying this before even starting.
Wrong information entered during make menuconfig will inevitably lead to Klipper not connecting or undefined behavior later on.

The link above will provide you with further hints. Here I recommend working through them in the sequence as written.

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