MCU Shutdown Timer too close

Basic Information:

Sovol SV07+
MCU / Printerboard: - stock
Host / SBC - stock

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On 2 or 3 occasions I have lost a print to the dead mcu shutdown timer to close any input would be greatly appreciated as I’m fairly new to Klipper.

Hello @MightyRaith78 !

On Timer Too Close

I should add this happened 2 days into a 3 day print and I’m not running any webcam or any extra addons,

On a unrelated note when my printer arrived the RF filter was rolling about in the box so I attached it to the bed power cable before the bed is this where it should have gone.

I don’t see any communication concerns with bytes retransmitted or anything like that.

My first thought would be the SDCard. MicroSD cards are notorious for being shotty, even the “Industrial” ones can be iffy.

Consistently reading from a card for 2 days straight can have the potential issues. They’re not really designed for “sustained” usage despite what everyone tries to use them for.

If you’re ultra curious here’s a paper on the phenomenon of “read disturb”, where reading a flash cell slowly discharges the cells around it which have to be updated by the controller which degrades them over time.

If you’re serious about running prints for multiple days without issue I’d seriously consider something more robust…

Thank’s for the input most appreciated I actually have a PI 4 with a SSD in a tiny enclosure that I’m not using for anything at the moment! Just need to investigate how to get the printer to use that instead of the MKSPI that’s onboard.