MKS Robin Wifi on Monster8 board?

I am new to Klipper, but my MKS Monster8 board is driving my old X5SA Corexy printer beautifully. Input shaping has cleared up a number of problems and my prints have never been better.

I have searched for support for the Robin Wifi module on this board, but no luck. Makerbase says there is no configuration for Klipper.

Does anyone have a wifi solution for this controller board?


Could you use the ComFast USB wifi?

MKS PI Wireless WIFI controller Wi-Fi USB module

What exactly do you need? Klipper only works in conjunction with a host (Raspberry Pi or similar), which typically has WIFI and all management functions are done via this host computer.
An additional WIFI directly on the printer board is neither needed nor supported.

Hello. In fact, everything works fine, but with some refinement in the klipper firmware itself and when installing special firmware in the MKS WiFi Robin itself.
For details, see the thread “ESP support (connection over wifi)”