Move out of range: -63.000 -53.000 5.000 [0.000]

Basic Information:

MCU / skr2

Fill out above information and in all cases attach your klippy.log file. Pasting your printer.cfg is not needed

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I have the bl touch working and goes to center of bed i need help with this part just dont understand it
my bed is 300m x 300m what numbers do i put to get mesH bed levling to work ?

Move out of range: -63.000 -53.000 5.000 [0.000]

thank you
klippy(1).log (867.9 KB)

Hello @JD1101 !

Quite large - I assume you mean mm

In you stepper settings you just use 280 mm in both directions.

To your issue:

And the x/y_offsets of the bltouch are quite large:

sensor_pin = ^PC0
control_pin = PE5
x_offset = 162
y_offset = 152
z_offset = 01.813
pin_move_time = 0.4

Are you sure the bltouch is that far away from the nozzle?

This may help:

i think the problem is my rotation_distance is very wrong i going to redo it and see if that helps thank you for fast reply ill let you know if it works and reread the link

For X and Y they look quite ok.

But I can’t imagine you have the same rotation distance for the extruder like you have for the Z-axes. But that can be calibrated later.

sensor_pin: ^PC0
control_pin: PE5
y_offset: 25
z_offset: 01.813

rotation_distance: 35

pin_move_time: 0.4 works sorta now i need to do more work

thank you
all for your help

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amazing got to say no more marlin
what a big improvement
just amazing
thank every one